On the 16th of May over North America, the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter will align to form an enormous smiley face in the sky. This phenomenon last occurred in December 2008, i.e. 12 years ago.

This phenomenon is known as an occultation, which means an object passes in front of another, or other words, planets pass in front of other planets.

However, the formation of a smiley face is known as a conjunction, which occurs when two astronomical objects, like stars, planets, the Moon, come close and align in the sky.

Futurism claims that the process when the human brain can see meaningful images in data is known as pareidolia. This process will help us to understand the event of the smiley face because it shows us how the human brain perceives it.

The Moon, Venus, and Jupiter are the three brightest objects in the sky. This celestial event will be the one that you do not want to miss.

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