In general, pit bulls are considered as terrifying and dangerous canines. However, this is not true because these dogs are one of the most caring creatures with strong motherly instincts.

Dogs have often acted as saviors to their fellow mates, the people, and pit bulls cannot be excluded in these.

The Pit Bull Myth BUSTED

One quiet night in the Cahichanhda home everyone was in bed, the parents in their bedroom and their little girl in her room. They were completely unaware that that particular night a terrible accident will happen and one hero will remain marked in their memory for the rest of their lives. This impending accident will affect both their home and them.

The hero on this night was Nana Chaichanhda pit bull which was 8 months old. That night the apartment in Stockton, California was on fire. The pit bull, Sasha, started barking at the bedroom door even though the dog never barked at night. However, Sasha sensed the fire in the apartment next door and started barking to wake up her family.

It was for the first time that Nana heard Sasha barking so intensely. She got up to see what was happening and saw the spreading fire. She immediately went into her daughter’s bedroom to save her 7-month-old child.

The pit bull was already in the room. The four-legged hero was trying to take the baby out of the crib. She succeeded in climbing on the crib and was trying to pull the baby out of the bed by catching her by the diaper. This hero was determined to save her entire family including the sleeping baby and was not going to give up.

Nana grabbed her daughter and the dog and went out of the burning apartment.

The pit bull saved both the mother and the child. She woke up Nana and then went straight to the little girl’s room showing no fear from the fire.

The family was alive thanks to the brave pet. The raging fire destroyed the apartment completely. Another apartment where Nana’s cousin left was also affected by the fire. Today, Nana’s family and her cousin live in another apartment complex where their aunt left. The nice woman was glad to take her family in after the accident and is very thankful to Sasha for saving her granddaughter.

The fire department in the town is still investigating the cause of this terrible fire that left many families homeless.
Everyone from the building is grateful to the pit bull that saved an entire family even though before that they did not like the dog. They considered this breed to be dangerous and avoided deer, Sasha. However, now they celebrate and respect this dog hero.

Nana is aware that she would be dead as well as her little girl if Sasha did not wake them up that night. Therefore, we must not judge pit bulls and consider them dangerous since, on many occasions, such as on this terrible night, they have shown themselves to be our best friends and loyal companions.