Gardening is considered as one of the most productive habits that a person can have. Not only can having a garden relax you a bit, but it can also provide you with some physical activity and help you to save money by growing plants at your home.

Other benefits of having a garden at home include:

• Significantly reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by 30 % for people over 60
• Enhance the immune system
• A 10-minute gardening can provide the body with vitamin D and thus reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis
• Treat depression, anxiety, and other mental issues
• Reduce stress, improve mood and self-confidence, and lower high levels of cortisol
• Promote hand dexterity and muscle strength
• Reduce the risk of dementia, treat Alzheimer’s disease and improve the function of the brain
• Promote sensory awareness, enhance learning ability and improve problem-solving skills
• Mycobacterium vaccae, a bacterium found in soil, is thought to be effective in soothing the symptoms of allergies, psoriasis, and asthma

Fortunately, you can enjoy all these benefits by growing some fruits and vegetables at your home. Here is a list of plants that you can easily regrow at home:

1. Lettuce

Pour some water into a container and place the lettuce in it. Place the container next to a window. Its leaves will start to appear soon.

2. Lemons

You can easily regrow lemons at your home from organic lemon seeds.

3. Basil

Pour some water into a container and place several basil cuttings. When they start to sprout roots, replant them into a pot.

4. Turnips

Place the turnip tops in a container with some water. After a week, when they start to sprout, replant them in the garden.

5. Garlic

You can easily grow garlic by storing several sprouted cloves of garlic in a container with water.

6. Rosemary

You can easily grow rosemary by planting rosemary cuttings in a soil.

7. Tomatoes

To grow tomatoes at home, you will have to place some tomato seeds in a pot with potting soil. When they start to grow, you can move them to the garden.

8. Pineapple

You can grow pineapples at home using the pineapple crown.

9. Carrots

Place carrot tops in a container and add some water. When they start to sprout, move them to the garden.

10. Ginger

To grow ginger, you have to bury some ginger roots in a soil.

11. Mint

Place several mint cuttings in a container with water. When they start to sprout, replant them in the garden.

12. Potatoes

If you want to grow potatoes at home, you have to bury spud eyes in a soil.

13. Avocado

You will need 5 years in order to grow an avocado tree from an avocado pit.

14. Mushrooms

You can grow mushrooms at home by placing mushroom stems and stalks in a warm and humid environment.

15. Celery

In a container with water, place a celery bottom. It will start to sprout soon.

16. Peppers

You can easily regrow spicy and bell peppers in your garden. All you need is a sunny spot.

17. Onions

You can get new onions by planting onion ends in a suitable soil.

18. Green onions or scallions

You can easily regrow green onions in a container with water.

19. Cabbage

In a container, place the cabbage bottom and add some water. Leave the container in a sunny spot. New leaves will start to grow in a few days.

20. Sweet potatoes

You can easily regrow sweet potatoes by planting potato green shoots in a soil.

21. Lemongrass

Place a lemongrass root in a glass jar or bowl and leave it in a sunny spot. Transplant the lemongrass in the garden when you notice new leaves.

22. Bean sprouts

In a container with water, soak a tablespoon of beans. Leave them throughout the night. In the morning, after you drain the water, place the beans in the container again. Cover the container with a towel. You will notice new sprouts in the morning.

23. Pumpkins

Plant pumpkin seeds in a sunny spot to regrow pumpkins at home.

24. Fennel

To regrow fennel, you will need an inch of fennel base. Place the fennel base in a container with water and place it in a sunny spot. Transplant it when you notice green shoots.

25. Cilantro

Place a cilantro bottom in a container with water and leave it in a sunny place. As soon as the roots grow, transplant the cilantro into a pot.