There are a lot of responsibilities about having a pet, but picking your pet`s poo seems to be the worst one. Generally, it is considered that every pet owner cannot stand picking up their pet`s poo.

Therefore, a robot that finds, discovers and picks up the pet`s poo has been recently invented. It will do all the work for you. The miracle robot, named Beetl, has computer vision and cameras which help him to find the poo.

Then, the robot moves over the poo and scoops it up with a mechanical claw. The poo is kept in a container inside the robot and can be removed at any time.

Also, you can connect the robot`s AI to a cloud network, permitting the robot to perform other functions, too. The scooper robot is still being tested, but we hope that it will appear on the market soon.


Source/photos:  Unilad  Beetl Robotics