Dogs are considered as people’s best friends. There are a lot of people who love dogs even more than humans. Dogs are highly loyal animals. They love their owners unconditionally and help them bounce back in difficult situations.

In the Fulton County jail in Atlanta, shelter dogs are trained by inmates for about two months and the benefits for them are numerous.

They learn how to care and be responsible for another living being. They have an opportunity to experience the joy of giving and receiving unconditional love. They become more confidential and positive and have a chance to develop skills that will allow them to be more productive society members.

Another very important benefit of sharing a cell with a dog is the decrease of violent outbursts in jail facilities.

Dogs can completely change one’s life. Namely, John Dolan, who used to sleep either in the London streets or in a prison, experienced a complete transformation after he started to take care of a pitbull called George. John was a talented draftsman but unfortunately, he neglected his talent for years. Luckily, after adopting and taking care of his dog, John started making and selling his works of art again.

These examples show that a sense of responsibility and sharing unconditional love can completely change and make one’s life much better.
Taking care of a dog has numerous other benefits, too:

• It improves the overall health
• Keeps you fit and active
• Improves your social life
• Reduces the stress level
• Adds meaning and purpose to your life
• Lowers the risk of depression
• Makes you feel safer
• Your children will be less likely to suffer from allergies
• Strengthens the immunity