It is known that using cellular phones provides us with unhealthy and dangerous radiation levels. But, not many of us know the dangers that are associated with such levels of cell phone radiation.

With accumulation over time, exposure to radiation can even cause cancer, weakened immune function, and DNA damage, which disrupts protein production and cell growth. Back in 2011, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiation from a mobile phone as “a possible human carcinogen.”

Numerous studies have found that the radiation of a mobile phone tends to alter and damage DNA pretty quickly. According to one 6-year industry survey, exposure of human blood to cell phone radiation resulted in a 300 percent increase in genetic damage in the micronuclei, indicating that radiation from a mobile phone is even more hazardous to health than asbestos and smoking.

George Carlo, Ph.D., MD, is a medical scientist and epidemiologist who conducted the first studies on telecommunication industries regarding the dangers associated with using mobile phones. The program is still among the largest in the history of this problem. Still, this epidemiologist was able to identify preventable health dangers associated with the use of a cell phone.

According to Dr. Carlo, the amount of time spent with a mobile phone does not matter since the mechanism of danger is stimulated within a few seconds.

Here are some of the dangers associated with radiation health. Dr. Carlo’s program showed:

  • Headache
  • Migraine
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Chronic stress
  • Cardiopalmus
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Problems with memory
  • Problems with digestion

The biggest problem with electromagnetic radiation produced by mobile phones is that numerous studies are associated with the development of brain tumors and genetic damage. Unfortunately, the public does not know about the danger, and the media continues to disclose new studies suggesting that mobile phones are safe to use.

Protect yourself from radiation from your mobile phone with the help of rosemary

But the good news is that radiation can be removed from your body using different natural methods, like rosemary or rosemary oil, both of which are rich in powerful antioxidant properties against damage caused by radiation.

In 2009, the British Radiology Journal discovered that the carnosol and carnosaur in rosemary “provide a significant protective antimutagenic activity.” Rosemary acid serves as a photoprotector, feeding on free radicals, eliminating them, and acting as an endogenous protective mechanism. It was discovered that the production of toxins was significantly slowed by using rosmarinic acid, and its protective factors were 3.3 times higher than the other studied compounds in the microkernel testing.

Prepare rosemary tea


• 2 cups of boiled water
• 2-3 tsp leaves of rosemary, finely chopped


Add the leaves of rosemary to a glass of hot boiled water and leave to infuse for at least 5 minutes. Your healthy rosemary drink is ready.

You can also add rosemary to salads and other ready-made meals. You can also use rosemary essential oil since it effectively fights radiation’s negative effects. Just add a few drops of rosemary oil to your aroma lamp or drop a few drops on a clean cloth and place them in the room where you spend most of the time.