What does INFJ represent? INFJ (Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging) is a name used to denote a personality type. It is thought to be the rarest type of personality in the world. Namely, it constitutes about 2 % of the population in the world.

Carl Yung, a famous psychiatrist, developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or MBTI in the 1940s. He believes that the general attitude represents the personality of people, i.e. intuition over sensing, introversion over extraversion, judgment over perception and feeling over thinking. Therefore, the INFJs personalities are consistent with Introversion, Intuition, Feeling and Judging.

INFJs cannot be noticed easily, as they are sub-dominant and reserved in the society. However, they are good friends, organized and compassionate workers and great leaders.

Do you find yourself among the INFJs? Check out below.


1. They feel lonely

The reason why they feel lonely and different from others is that they cannot find somebody who has the same opinion as them.

2. They focus on essential things in life

INFJs focus on the most significant things in their life. Additionally, they deal up with their life challenges in an easy way. Although things do not take place as they have planned, INFJs try hard in order to accomplish their goals. They always choose quality over quantity.

3. They are sociable

People love their warmness. In most cases, people trust them and give away their deepest secrets to INFJs. The reason for this is that they make people feel comfortable and peaceful. Moreover, INFJs are great listeners.

4. They are sensitive and compassionate

INFJs are generous and helpful. If somebody needs help, they will always help them. INFJs can easily recognize other people’s feelings, as well. They take care of other people’s feeling and try not to hurt anybody.

If someone makes a mistake, they easily forgive them, as they know the main cause of that aggressive behavior, such as insecurity or past trauma.

As they absorb other people’s emotions easily, they need to spend some time on their own, in order to recharge their batteries. In addition, not only do they take care of their close friends and relatives, but they also take care of the entire world.

5. They look for truth and meaning

They avoid meaningless and dishonest stories and acts, as they always fixate on meaning and truth. As they look for insight and understanding, they can easily identify lies.

6. They trust in their gut

INFJs are very intuitive. Whenever they come across a problem, they look for a solution to fix it immediately. Furthermore, they can feel if something bad is on their way. They are thinking about everything.

7. They cannot stand taking part in trivial talks

INFJs cannot stand surface-leveled discussions. On the contrary, they prefer to talk about important stuff, without spending their valuable time on trivial talks. Namely, small talks drain their energy.

8. They have only a few friends

INFJs select their close friends sensibly and carefully. As they look for isolation, they prefer to spend time on their own and avoid hanging out in large groups. Therefore, they cannot stand participating in large social groups.

9. They are good at writing and drawing

INFJs are creative and want to express their thoughts and feelings. Nevertheless, as they prefer to spend time on their own, they express themselves by drawing and writing. When they show their emotions and thoughts, they feel calmer and more tranquil.

In addition, they are good at languages and most of them are excellent writers. Their emotions help them to make decisions.

10. They are hard-working

Even though people with other personality types are lazy, INFJs are considered hard-working. In fact, they try hard to do their best. INFJs think that they have to put a lot of effort if they want to accomplish their goals.

11. They take everything by heart

As INFJs look for perfection and take everything by heart, you should be careful if you criticize them. They are doers and achievers, so if they face failure, they can suffer from anxiety and depression.

12. They can easily forget the present

INFJs need grounded people, who will help them to forget about the present moment. They love inspiring, motivating and helping other people, too. They look for honest and healthy relationships.

13. They can easily read other people’s minds

INFJs are great at reading other people’s minds by expressing their emotions. Additionally, they can easily notice when somebody is lying. So, this personality trait helps them to keep away from negative people.

14. They do not want to talk about their life

With regards to their intimate life, INFJs want to keep it private. In addition, INFJs hold off opening up honestly to others, even when it comes to their intimate friends. Moreover, they find it challenging to trust new friends.

Do you have some of these personality traits? Are you among INFJs?