All parents love their children. However, it is considered that taking care of your children at home is more difficult than going to work. Feeding, bathing, playing, soothing can sometimes drain parents` energy.

The unconditional love they feel for the children cannot relieve the stress they experience.

A recent study carried out in the UK has found out that parents feel more stressed when they have to stay at home with their children than going to work.

The study included about 1500 parents, who had different jobs. The results of the study indicated that:

– 31% confirmed that taking care of children at home is more difficult than going to work;
– 25% considered that having a baby is not hard;
– 40% stated that after having a baby, they stopped judging other parents for complaining;
– 45% of the women said that they would not have coped without the help of their mothers;
– 37 % of the parents confirmed that they were constantly tired;
– 42% stated that they experienced unconditional love when they have their first baby;
– 22% of them were worried about the eating habits of their babies.

It is amazing to be a parent, even though entering the chapter of parenthood can also bring more worries and stress.


Source: The Sun   The Hearty Soul