Bronchitis is an inflammatory disease which affects the bronchial tubes and triggers a nagging cough. If you have suffered from a cold or flu, you are more likely to get this kind of inflammation.

Once you are diagnosed with acute or chronic bronchitis, you should start receiving suitable therapy and boost your immunity to prevent any further complications.

Therefore, apart from the conventional therapy, you should also use natural remedies to increase your body’s ability for self-healing. In this article, we are going to present you several such remedies that can help you to alleviate this health issue.

1. Increase the intake of fluids

Make sure you drink a lot of fluids because they will help you to expel the mucus buildup in your chest. If you don’t like to drink water, you can add ginger, honey, and lemon juice to it, to improve its taste. Steep the grated ginger in water for about 3 minutes and afterward strain the mixture. Then, add some honey or lemon juice. You can add nutmeg or cinnamon as well.

2. Provide enough sleep

When your body is fighting a bacterial or viral infection, you experience fatigue and lack of energy. Therefore, you need to provide enough sleep for your organism. According to the experts, adults should get minimum seven hours of sleep and children should get up to 12.

3. Steam

You should either inhale steam on a regular basis or sleep with a humidifier in your room to encourage the removal of the mucus buildup. The steam will help you to expel the mucus easily.

4. Cough expectorant

Experts recommend using a cough expectorant instead of cough suppressant. In order to prepare your own expectorant, you need lemon zest and ginger root. Combine ¼ cup of peeled and sliced ginger root and ½ tablespoon of lemon zest. Add one glass of boiling water and let the mixture simmer for about 5 minutes. Then, strain the mixture and add lemon and honey. Stir until you get syrup. Pour it into a jar and take 1 or 2 tablespoons every 4 hours.

5. Saltwater

It is also recommendable to gargle with salt water. Mix ½ teaspoon of salt and eight ounces of water and practice this method two times a day.

6. Face mask

If you suffer from chronic bronchitis, make sure you wear a face mask when you go outside into the cold. Otherwise, the cold and polluted air may exacerbate your inflamed airways and trigger further complications.

7. Quit smoking

Smoking cigarettes can aggravate and irritate your lungs. What’s more, it will prolong the acute symptoms and lower the effects of the natural remedies. Therefore, if you are diagnosed with bronchitis, make sure you quit this harmful habit.

8. Turmeric

According to the experts, this versatile spice can treat numerous respiratory conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It can improve the airway obstruction and alleviate bronchitis as well. Add this spice to your dishes or prepare a turmeric tea.