A random act of kindness is disarming, especially when it is done secretly without pomp or publicity just for the sake of the act itself.

We all see the Christmas commercials filled with whistles and bells, shop windows decorated to please and warm everybody hart. Yet it is all a facade, when it is distant from the less fortunate, practically unreachable, like a different dimension of the world we all live in.

But this is a story with a happy ending. The acts of kind people aren’t rare but they get lost in the sea of negativity. This story might have gotten lost along the way, so it is the perfect time to reflect upon it.

A man was photographed in a supermarket carrying a cart filled with toys just before Christmas time. Not an unusual sight one might say, but the story behind it is truly amazing.

When asked what are the toys for, he said that he buys presents every year before Christmas and goes to the local children’s hospital dressed as Santa Clause to surprise the kids staying there.

As the year before, he went on and bought presents to bring a little Christmas spirit to those who need it the most, the young and the frail. People like this, stories as such should be shared and celebrated. Who knows it may inspire somebody today to do a good deed.