Are you an intelligent person? Do people admire your intellect and creativity? If not, you might need to consider the concept of true intelligence. Unfortunately, the education system puts emphasis on grading and marks. This system will never find out who has a high level of intelligence.

Moreover, children, who are able to memorize details and learn by heart and get As, are considered to be truly intelligent. Nevertheless, children who get lower grades can be more intelligent than children who get As.

Einstein did not approve of this education system. He disapproved of standardized tests in the public school system, claiming that teachers test the abilities of an elephant, a fish, and a monkey to climb a tree.

What makes someone talented and gifted may not be good grades but a different way of learning and looking at the world.

Therefore, this education system cannot determine if you are intelligent or not. So, in this article, we are going to list several genuine signs of intelligence.

Genuine signs of intelligence

1. You realize how much you do not know

You are open to learning new things. You are able to approach a problem from all angles. Moreover, you accept and learn from the mistakes you have made.

You have an open mind and are able to defend your views and make clear choices. You feel safe because you know who you are.

2. You are empathetic towards other people

Today, according to psychologists, intelligent people should have an emotional quotient. In addition, it is said that intelligent people feel empathy toward the emotions of other people. They are aware of other people’s emotions, too.

3. You are a curious person

Studies have shown that open and curious children may develop inquisitive minds later in their lives.
New experiences and new knowledge come from curiosity.

4. You do not have a too low or high opinion of yourself

People, who have a high opinion of themselves, usually have a biased opinion of things. However, they cannot fully develop as individuals. Studies have shown that less intelligent people overestimate their abilities.

5. You enjoy being on your own and do not perform unnecessary actions

It has been considered that people, who do not talk a lot, are highly intelligent. Moreover, introverts can fulfill their needs with the basic minimum. In this way, they form a special relationship with their mind.

6. You enjoy chewing gums

Even though it may sound strange, studies have shown that the habit of chewing gum is a sign of high intelligence. Moreover, chemicals in chewing gums enhance blood circulation. Recent studies have also shown that chewing gum while preparing for a test enables the brain to store information easily.

Therefore, intelligent people chew gums regularly in order to remember things easily.

7. You are more productive at night

According to the studies, people who get up early and sleep late have high intelligence. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you may suffer from a medical condition if you are unable to sleep.

8. You enjoy making silly jokes

People, who enjoy making jokes, are considered to be more intelligent than others due to their ability to improvise.

9. You often take short naps

Is sleeping related to intelligence? According to the studies, people who take short naps are highly intelligent. Moreover, taking a short nap makes us feel aware and fresh. Therefore, take short naps often if you want to improve your intelligence.

10. You argue against anybody

Arguing is a genuine sign of intelligence, even though the way in which you argue sets you away from other people.

11. You think before you speak

Highly intelligent people have a brain that is quicker than a mouth. If you need time to answer a question and study it before you answer it, it means that you are highly intelligent.

12. You love reading

Highly intelligent people love reading. It may not be always obtaining knowledge; most of the time, it may be about free time.

13. You have a solid self-confidence

You have solid self-confidence, and you accept your failures. You are not afraid of deformities and imperfections. You try to make imperfections perfect.