Gary David Currie said that the most devastating feeling was the one of being abandoned. This emotion of abandonment can be experienced by anyone regardless of the age or gender. Abandonment issues are distinguished by intense fear of being unaccepted by other people.

This fear makes people build emotional walls between themselves and the rest of the world. They find it difficult to connect with people including family, friends and romantic partners. There are various reasons why a person developed an abandonment issue.

However, the most usual include divorced parents, emotional trauma or verbal and emotional abuse. Sometimes the signs of abandonment issues can be obvious. However, there are many cases when the same a rather subtle.

If one is able to successfully detect these, then it can lead them a step closer to healing. What follows is a list of five signs which can help in recognizing abandonment issues in others as well as in ourselves.

1. Unhealthy attachment – this means that a person develops an instant and intense attachment to someone else. The reason for this is the fear of being alone. If a person experiences this often or very soon after the end of an intense relationship then it could be a clear sign of abandonment issue.

2. Fear of unfaithfulness – when you are unable to rationalize and you are obsessed with your partner being faithful you actually enter a state of paranoia which is incredibly unhealthy. The best way to overcome this is communication. Being honest and talking openly about your fear is the best way to get rid of the fear.

3. Staying in unhealthy relationship – this happens as a result of the fear of being rejected and alone. Due to this many stay in a dysfunctional relationship ignoring the fact that it is bad simply because they are too afraid to leave. For them, being in an unhealthy relationship is better than being alone.

4. Relationship sabotage – people with abandonment issues have constant need to be loved which makes them stressed out even when there is no real reason for that. They sabotage their relationship even if there is nothing wrong with it by making a big deal out of the few negative things in the relationship. If you are in a relationship like this, then it is best to think rationally and try to help your partner understand what upsets them.

5. Commitment issues – people with abandonment issues always find reasons to end the relationship. They enjoy the moment of newness in a relationship and will never allow the other person to leave before the same wears off.