Being under stress nowadays is completely unavoidable due to the fast lifestyles we all lead. Most experts recommend practicing some stress-relieving techniques such as meditation, deep breathing, yoga, jogging, talking long walks, doing exercises, and consuming healthy foods high in minerals and vitamins.

If you do not manage to reduce the stress level in your life it can affect your health condition and the overall well-being.

It is highly important to recognize the symptoms of being overstressed so that you can alleviate stress before it harms your health.

1. You either eat a lot or you struggle to eat

The most notable sign that you are dealing with too much stress is the change in your appetite. You will either eat too much or you will struggle to eat.

2. You suffer from chronic fatigue

It is normal to feel tired and exhausted occasionally. But if you continuously feel that way then you should know that your body is dealing with a high level of stress.

3. Intense breakdown moments

The more breakdown moments you have, the more stressed you are. Too much stress makes you lose control over your emotions and as a result, you cannot keep yourself together.

4. You are very irritable

People who struggle with a lot of stress become extremely irritable. This cannot go unnoticed, especially by those around them.

5. The things seem worse than they are

The presence of stress in your life is very apparent when you overreact, especially to small things. You get easily annoyed by everything and it seems like nobody can calm you down.

6. You suffer from insomnia

When you are under stress, your mind is preoccupied with the things you stress over and it refuses to let you calm down. This is highly exhausting and it takes you hours to fall asleep.

7. You focus on negative things only

Stressed people focus on negative stuff only which creates further problems because they are unable to concentrate on the real ones.

8. Using alcohol, coffee or drugs

People who deal with a lot of stress drink too much caffeine or alcohol because these substances help them relax.

9. You try to keep your mind busy

When you are stressed you feel like you are the one doing all the work. You try to get away from it by keeping yourself busy.

10. Constant worrying

Constant worrying will not provide any solution to your problems. Instead, it can lead to developing anxiety and depression.

11. Memory problems

Chronic stress can trigger numerous cognitive issues such as memory problems and an inability to concentrate.

12. Nervous habits

Pacing and nail-biting are most notable signs that a person is overly stressed.

13. Physical symptoms

Stress can also trigger physical issues such as constipation, diarrhea, chest pain, loss of sex drive, frequent colds, and rapid heart rate.