The greatest level of maturity and wisdom is to stay calm when you have to deal with an uncomfortable situation. Not everyone deserves your attention and the best thing to do is to not react at all.

Don’t spend your energy on reacting to all the negative things in your surroundings because it will exhaust your positivity. Instead of trying to “win” all arguments and insult those who have insulted you, make sure you walk away and save yourself from unnecessary drama and stress.

Not reacting doesn’t mean that you are fine with how things are. It means that you value your inner peace more than all that drama. By not reacting at all you will say more than by using words.

Don’t give other people the green light to hurt you and don’t react to their provocations. Instead of controlling them, make sure you control yourself. In that way, you will send them a powerful message that you won’t tolerate any kind of disrespectful behavior.

Reactions come from the subconscious mind, which means we say or do things without considering the consequences of our words or deeds. Reactions to stressful situations are like an untrained young dog that barks to every dog it sees.

Instead, we should train ourselves to respond thoughtfully. It means we should think first about the possible outcomes before we do or say something. Thoughtful responses are like trained dogs which bark only when there is a reason for that.

You can learn to stay calm only if you are mindfully present every time something bothers you. Observe your emotional response to the situation and soon you will distance yourself from the stressful experience which will help you to gain control over your mind.

The first step to reach this level of calmness is to take a deep breath and pause before responding to a stressful situation. In this way, you will disconnect yourself from the automatic reaction and change the whole course of the situation.

Source: I Heart Intelligence