Nature has so many ways to exhibit its beauty and flowers are certainly one of its most beautiful assets. Every flower is unique and has a distinct color or smell that makes it special but there’s one that is very different from all of them – it’s this amazing skeleton flower.

Its Latin name is Diphylleia grayi and it is a woodland plant. It is known for its weird crystal white petals that become translucent when they get wet from the rain.

It is a very rare plant though only known to grow in three specific places on earth – the woodland mountains of China and Japan and the Appalachian Mountains in the US.

These places offer the perfect conditions that the flower needs to grow – moist and cold air on a higher elevation are the best places for this flower to thrive.

The leaves of the flower are very big and umbrella-shaped and they’re very hard to miss – unless they become transparent because of the rain too. It is best to look for this plant when the weather is dry because the petals of the flowers regain their white color when they are dry.