Researches indicate that if you skip breakfast, you are more likely to develop obesity, which leads to cardiovascular issues and diabetes.

Skipping breakfast, which is especially common in adolescents, is related to weight gain and other health issues.

It is considered that skipping breakfast causes obesity in adolescents regardless of whether they are female or male and where and how long they sleep. In addition, children and adolescents often tend to replace a healthy diet, including fruits, vegetables, and dairy products with fast food, such as sodas, pastries, colas, which are closely related to weight gain and obesity.

Two studies conducted in Brazil and Europe analyzed abdominal adiposity and balance-related behaviors in adolescents. Both female and male adolescents took part in the investigations. Weight, body mass and height were accessed by both studies.

The investigators used data to find out whether adolescents who skip breakfast had higher markers to develop obesity than those who did not. Both studies showed that males were taller and heavier, and had greater obesity markers than females.

Researches have shown that a sedentary lifestyle also contributed to weight gain. Adolescents, who spend time in front of their computers watching movies or playing computer games, had an unhealthy diet that leads directly to obesity.