Apple cider vinegar is full of biologically active compounds, all of which can destroy germs and bacteria. That is why it is very effective for using it as a natural remedy for treating different health issues. It is also used for cleaning, cooking and in this article you will see how to use it for your feet.

It can destroy bad smell, it can soften the skin, treat fungal infections improve hair and skin quality, fight off dandruff etc. Moreover, it is very easy and simple to use.

For example, if you have calluses, soak your feet in a mixture made of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water for 45 minutes. Afterwards, use a pumice stone so you can exfoliate them.

You just have to use it on your feet once in 7 days for experiencing its countless benefits.

People have used foot baths with apple cider vinegar for a long time as a way to lose weight in a natural way, for reducing digestive problems, improving the quality of the skin and treating respiratory problems.

This bath can be changed constantly by adding different spices, salts and herbs.

Every day our feet are exposed to different germs and oxygenation deficiency supports their accumulation and this leads to bad smell, infections, rough and dry feet as well as calluses.

For making this bath, fill up a big container with lukewarm water, add one glass of ACV, couple of drops of your favorite essential oil and place your feet inside. Keep the feet inside for 30 minutes and enjoy in the results.

Different uses of apple cider vinegar:

– For preventing indigestion – sip it before your meal – add 1 teaspoon of ACV and 1 teaspoon of honey in a glass of water. Drink it half an hour before your meal.

– For eliminating dandruff – combine ¼ cup of ACV in ¼ cup of water. Transfer this mixture in a spray bottle and spray your scalp with it. Afterwards wrap the head using a towel and wait for 15 minutes. Wash your hair like you normally would. For best results do this 2 times weekly.

– For clearing acne – it can be used as a natural toner because it has antibacterial properties. Take a cotton ball, dip it in ACV and apply it on your face.

– For eliminating bad breath – take 1 teaspoon of ACV and dilute it with a little bit of water. Drink it or gargle in your mouth to destroy all bacteria that cause bad breath.