CNN reported that on Sunday, 13th of April, the last known soft-shell Yangtze turtle has died at China`s Forest Zoo after she failed to wake up from artificial insemination.

Researchers tried to inseminate her for the 5th time, but she passed away while she was recovering from an Al procedure. As the procedure passes without complications, they will do an autopsy.

The Yangtze species have become extinct, as there are only three males left.

In 2008, a male and female soft-shell turtles were brought at China`s Zoo, but as they were not able to reproduce, according to the Wildlife Conservation Society, the female turtle was considered healthy to undergo an Al procedure.

However, the turtle did not manage to recover from the anesthetic even though she had 24-hour care. The international experts will do a necropsy and will freeze her ovarian tissue samples for some future use.

The Wildlife Conservation Society considers that this species can be saved, as there are two Yangtze turtles of unknown gender living in the wild. They also added that they will be working to prevent the extinction of this species in the future.