Empaths are people that feel the emotions of other people very deeply as if they’re their own. Sometimes that can be very frustrating, but these people can do so much good for everyone if they want to.

These people are very sensitive. They feel the bad things people around them are going through on their skin. They use so much energy to cope with all those emotions so they oftentimes suffer from chronic fatigue and restlessness. Sometimes empathetic people are kind of hard to understand but if you get to know them, all the things about them will become clearer.

These are some of the traits and behaviors that are characteristic of true empaths:

  • They feel all the feelings and emotions of other people on a deep level and more vividly than other people.
  • Lying is the thing that they hate the most. They can sense when someone is not telling the truth and they won’t stay quiet about that.
  • They don’t have prejudices and they don’t judge people on something that they have done. If they think that someone is doing something bad or wrong, they will tell them personally and intimately, but they will not judge them publicly.
  • They enjoy soft and natural sounds, instead of rough and loud ones.
  • Narcissism is a thing that annoys them the most. They don’t like to be around narcissistic people.
  • The advice that they give is the best.
  • They can’t focus on one thing, as they are very interested and fascinated by everything the world has to offer.
  • They adore animals. If they have a pet, they don’t consider it a pet but another member of the family.
  • They are often tired and not too energetic because all their energy goes into being empathetic with others.
  • Honesty is very important to them.
  • When someone is sharing their feelings with them they understand them deeply and they feel a real connection.
  • They are very good listeners. You can talk with them about all the topics.
  • Negative media brings them down. They don’t want to see all the negativity that’s happening because they’re too sensitive.
  • They don’t like crowds because they can easily get overwhelmed with all the emotions of all the people.
  • They are great at helping people get over their emotional luggage.
  • They don’t like hearing and talking about doctors and medications.
  • Whenever they feel someone needs help, they give it to them and they try their best to be helpful in every situation.
  • They are very inspirational and selfless friends to have.

Source: Thinking Humanity