People have chosen toucans as one of their most favorite birds. Do you know anything about them? If not, read the article below to find some interesting facts about them.

Toucans got their name from the native language of Tupi people in Brazil that used to call these birds tukana.

The toucans` skull looks very weird. Namely, their beak is larger than their skull. Moreover, the beam is also much bigger than its entire body.

The toucans` tail is also modified so that they can snap it over their heads. When the toucans sleep, they snap their tail over the heads and look like a fluffy ball. They sleep on their beak to conserve heat.

The toucans are typical for their orange bills, which are full of blood vessels and help the toucans to cool down the temperature of their bodies. The tongue of the toucans looks like a feather and can be up to 15 centimeters long.

There are four genera of toucans: green toucanets, aracaris, dichromatic toucanets, and mountain toucans.

Generally, toucans eat fruits. However, as they are omnivorous animals, they also eat animals, such as insects, lizards, and birds. On average, they live up to 20 years.