You want to be in control of every situation

Some people just want to have control over everything, and the outcome for every little situation in life worries them a lot. This type of behavior is very toxic and it consumes a lot of energy. You simply can’t always be in control, you need to let things develop in their own way.

You always assume the worst

Nobody likes a pessimist in their company. If you’re always down, people will have trouble trusting you and will always doubt your decisions. You can’t have an ideal future and make something positive if you always think pessimistically.

People can get on your nerves very easily

Rarely, you might forget about that time someone did something bad to you, but most of the time you easily get offended when people say or do something you don’t like. People around you might feel like they’re constantly under pressure about trying not to offend you. It might be a good idea to start brushing negative things off.

You have low self-confidence

It’s always great to challenge yourself and try to become a better person, but when you don’t believe in yourself that might be tough to achieve. Try to set up some goals and have confidence in yourself that you will achieve them.

You make everyone around you negative

When you’re around people, you simply suck their energy for one reason or another. Everything you do and say makes people tired and after spending some time with you, they feel really tired and would like to rest alone.

You don’t share the happiness of your close ones

If you’re a negative person, you can’t feel happy when someone else is feeling happy. If the good news doesn’t affect you, then it doesn’t matter. If you want to be a positive person, you need to try to be happy not only for yourself, celebrate the success of your friends and loved ones and you’ll find your happiness too.

Source: Higher Perspectives