When life gets tough, we are supposed to get through the painful life’s hardships that can make us feel frightened, hopeless, and discouraged, especially if we aren’t mentally strong enough to deal with them.

Some exceptional women can survive even the most devastating storms and come out wiser and stronger. They just see life’s hardships as challenges that will make them smarter, stronger, and better versions of themselves.

These women are independent, powerful, and inspirational. They rely on their inner strength which motivates them to move forward. They know there is nothing impossible as long as you believe in yourself.

Here are the most incredible personality traits that strong women possess:

1. They have faith in themselves

These women know that self-confidence comes from within. They know exactly what they want in life, so they let their inner voice guide them and show them the right way.

2. They accept their imperfections

Strong women know both their strengths and weaknesses. They understand their limits and that’s why they never compare themselves to others. They just know that everyone is unique regardless of their imperfections.

3. They are open to being wrong

Strong women don’t need to be “right” all the time. The need to be right means the person doesn’t want to be questioned because of the fear of losing some essential aspects of who they are or how others perceive them. This is a sign of immaturity and something that strong women will never do.

4. They learn from their pain

These women fight bravely and don’t let life’s failures to bring them down. They learn from their pitfalls and keep on fighting. They see their failures as stepping stones that will finally bring them towards success.

5. They aren’t afraid of their emotions

Strong women don’t feel frightened to show their vulnerabilities and let others see their human side. They are just strong enough to be vulnerable in front of others.

6. They face their fears

While others avoid their fears, strong women aren’t afraid to face them. They just confront everything that holds them back. They don’t face their fears to look good in front of others. Strong women have nothing to prove, they know their fears are the main obstacle that prevents them to become a better version of themselves.

7. They don’t seek anyone’s attention

These women don’t need attention. They need respect. They will never beg for love and affection. If they aren’t respected and loved the way they deserve, they will simply walk away.

8. They are forgiving

Vengeance and grudges are a waste of time for these women. They never bother themselves with negative thoughts. Their souls are loving and pure and they would rather choose to forgive than dwell on the past.

9. They are honest

Strong women are pure in their intentions and are always truthful. They know the truth is the best way to deal with everything in life.

10. They change themselves, not others

These women know that to change their lives they need to change themselves first. They never cast blame on others to deflect their responsibilities from themselves. They never complain and don’t try to change other people.