We live on a fascinating planet, but we are too consumed in our matters to realize that. We have gathered some cool pictures that show how intriguing and beautiful our world is.

We are going to help you broaden your vision of our planet with both some common and rare stuff that looks truly amazing.

1. This old people’s home contains a cinema and a pub.

This is a nursing home in Hamilton, Ohio that looks like a little indoor town. Elderly citizens here receive 24-hour care which includes exercising, going to the pub, watching a movie at the cinema, and much more.

2. Some grains of sand look amazing when zoomed from 100 to 300 times under a microscope

Gary Greenberg invented the HD 3D lenses which he uses to take his amazing photographs. He loves to explore the unseen dimensions of nature where he combines his love for both science and art.

He says that all the secrets of nature can be seen under a microscope and that beauty of nature lies in our ability to communicate with it and through it we connect with the universe. These macro pictures of sand grains come from a beach in Hawaii where Dr. Gary Greenberg lives, but the sand composition can be different depending on its location.

3. There’s a cat that looks like it’s out of the Lord of The Rings novels.

4. Frozen pebble stands

Baikal Dzen happens sometimes in Lake Baikal when the sun heats the rocks enough so they melt the ice that’s under them and when the sun sets, the water freezes again and makes these little platforms for the rocks.

5. This little snail on my porch has a transparent shell.

6. Before computers, there existed these circular music typewriters.

In the mid-20th century, Keaton created a typewriter for music and its price was around $255 which would equate to around $2415 today. They wanted to make something that would precisely print the music characters and accuracy was their main need, so they made around a keyboard that looks pretty unique.

7. This is a Cordovans Honey Bee.

8. A glass wing butterfly in the Amazon forest.

9. This cute cat is blind, but his eyes are magical.

10. How the Sun looks like through the Ultraviolet lens.

Using a camera with UV lenses, NASA has noticed some explosions and eruptions which come out of the sun’s atmosphere as energetic jets. According to scientists, these jets burst out enormous amounts of energy which take the form of radiation, or super-heated plasma.

11. It’s a normal bee, except it is blue.

12. The hair of this Horse breed is curly.

The Bashkir Curly Horses are a very unusual type of horse breed. Their origin is unknown but they have been spotted in drawings in China that date back to 161 AD. Today they can be found in North America.

13. This is a sea slug. Through photosynthesis, it uses sunlight as food, just like plants do.

14. In Ohio, this house got covered in ice.

15. These flowers don’t mind the snow.

16. This bone belonged to a dinosaur in France, 140 million years ago.

17. This nursing home looks like an old American town.

18. The rocks in this cave look like a shower.

19. Pluto looks amazing in this photo.

This is a combination of three photos of Pluto that were taken by the Multispectral Visual Imaging Camera. One is red, one is blue and one is infrared.

All of Pluto’s geographic forms shine in a different hue which shows us how deep Pluto’s story is and that scientists have only scratched its surface. The image can be zoomed in high detail up to 0.8 miles in scale.

20. An organism that has both male and female characteristics is a gynandromorph.

In nature, there can sometimes happen to be an organism that has both female and male traits. That is called gynandromorphy and it usually occurs in the early development of the cells. An example of that is this butterfly which is half male and half female.

21. Just a tiny frog.

22. This lobster is a gynandromorph too. Its blue side is the female side, and the brown side is the male side.

23. These are fossilized dinosaur eggs.

24. This is a Salp from the Southern Ocean. These fish are transparent and they use that as a defense mechanism.

25. Half of the feathers on this Blue Jay haven’t been shed from when it was a baby.

26. Amazing time-lapse of bees flying out of their beehive.

27. This sunflower is enormous.

28. Bones from a whale in shallow water in Norway.

29. This grasshopper I saw is violet.

30. Looks like the rainbow is sleeping in this pond.

31. A yellow and burgundy colored sunflower grew in my garden.

32. Janez Brajkovic is a cyclist, and this is how his leg looks like after a race.

33. Albinism is so rare, but I got a shot of this cute deer.

34. These blue bananas taste like vanilla ice cream.

35. It is very rare to see a person with six fingers on each hand.

36. Have you seen a single cell organism that’s this large? It is called a Valonia ventricosa.

37. This blue tang fish is transparent.

38. The Murchison Meteorite dates back 4,600,000,000 years and it is the oldest rock ever found.

39. This cloud looks like a little spring.

40. You can notice this field of cannabis from a great height.

41. These lightning strikes look like trees.

42. These caves in Mexico are full of large crystals but they are also very toxic.

43. It is a Daisy flower that grew a little bit out of control.

44. This is Lake Michigan when it freezes.

45. This is the smallest born baby that survived. He weighs only 268 grams.

46. Does this look like an ant? It is so but under an electron microscope.

47. When you see Jupiter from its south, it looks like a cup of coffee.

48. Lines showing where the nails stopped growing during chemotherapy.

49. This is a huge footprint from a dinosaur.

50. The lines on the ground are fire brakes.

Source: BoredPanda