Warning to humans: Recent research has shown that the spiders could eat the entire human race within one year if they worked together.

A recent survey has found that 68 % of spiders live in bathrooms and more than ¾ of spiders in bedrooms. The spider population weighs about 29 million tons, which is equal to 478 Titanics.

Now, spiders generally eat insects, even though the largest species eat birds, lizards, and other small mammals. Spider biologists have discovered that spiders eat about 10 % of their body weight on a daily basis. Namely, a 200-pound man would be eaten by 200 pounds of spiders in a day.

In a recent report, experts have claimed that the weight of the food that is eaten by the spiders is more than the weight of all the humans in the world. According to the research, the spider population eats about 440 – 880 million tons of prey in a year.

This indicates that the spider population eats as much meat as 7 billion people in the world, who eat about 400 million tons of fish and meat per year.

The researchers also added that the total biomass of the adults on the plant is considered to be 316 million tons. Even if another 77 million tons stand for the children’s weight, it is not equal to the total weight of food that is eaten by the spider population in one year.

These findings indicate that the spider population could eat the entire human race in the world.