Even though many people lie down to relax and take a nap after having a meal, you should wait for these habits as they may interfere with the digestive processes. Moreover, these bad habits may cause other serious health ailments, too.

As people are unaware of these risks, we want to reveal them. There are six things that you should not do after having a meal.

Fall asleep after having a meal

If you tend to go to bed immediately after having a meal, you can experience relaxing issues and bloating. Also, it can lead to problems in the esophagus, considering that the acid nature of the gastric juices can cause reflux and a burning sensation. Numerous researches have found that people, who do not go to sleep just after having a meal, have a reduced risk of heartburn. Make sure you eat a few hours before going to sleep or before taking a rest.

Consume fruits

It is important to note that you should consume fruits before having a meal, not after it. As fruits require other digestive enzymes, so they can be broken down in the system, we should consume them a few hours before having a meal. Moreover, the body needs additional time to absorb the natural sugar found in the fruits.

If you eat fresh fruit after having a meal, you may experience burping, heartburn, or acid reflux. However, consuming fruits before having a meal will provide the body with sugar, fiber, and other healthy nutrients. The best way to eat fruits is on an empty stomach in the morning so that the body can digest them properly and provide energy.

Having a bath

While having a bath or shower, the blood goes through the entire body and makes it feel relaxed. However, the blood circulation in the stomach is significantly reduced. This, in turn, leads to poor functioning of the digestive tract. It can cause numerous other stomach issues, such as pain, heaviness, and inflammation, which may lead to other serious health conditions over time. Therefore, avoid having a shower or bath just after having a meal.

Drinking tea

Drinking tea after having a meal can reduce the intake of iron in the metabolic processes. Tea is high in tannic acid, which blinds the protein and iron present in foods but lowers the absorption of iron by 87 % compared to drinking tea before having a meal.

If you are iron deficient, you may experience weakness, pain in the chest, anemia, appetite loss, exhaustion, cold feet, and hands, thin and pale skin, and tiredness.


You are wrong if you think that doing physical exercise after having a meal will help you lose weight and burn calories. It is better to exercise before having a meal than after you finish eating. Doing regular exercise after having a meal may lead to hiccups, acid reflux, vomiting, and nausea.

It is not recommended to walk until at least half an hour after having a meal.

Drinking cold water

Drinking cold water after having a meal can lead to poor digestion. It makes the food agglutinate and makes the process of absorbing nutrients and eliminating waste more difficult.


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