Here are several things that we do not have to explain to other people:

1. Your life

It is not other people`s business to know things about your private life. You have no obligation to share your personal life with them.

2. Yours vies of politics or religion

We all have different views on religion or politics. Our views should be respected by others.

3. Your physical look

You do not owe anyone explanations about your physical look. You can make a change in your look, but you have the right not to give explanations about it to other people.

4. Being alone

It is your choice to choose whether you will be single or in a relationship. You do not have to explain your things to other people.

5. Being without children

It is not other people`s business to ask you why you do not have children.

6. Your priorities

The priorities you have in life are only yours. You do not have to give anyone explanations about them.


Reference: Higher Perspectives