A French street artist keeps impressing the entire Internet after showcasing his mind-blowing 3D paintings. Tom Bragado Blanco is a 33-year-old talented street artist from France whose stunning works of art can deceive everyone’s eyes.

Recently, he has created an amazing gigantic sphynx cat in the middle of a field.

Sphynx cat is a cat breed native to Canada and it is known for having no fur. These exotic, hairless cats have distinct personalities and a unique look.

As his canvas, he used an abandoned gas tank, transforming it into an amazing 3D painting. He used the shape of the tank to create an optical illusion.

The final result is a gigantic, gray sphynx cat, staring at a dog while hiding in the grass. Tom works with meticulous care and has paid great attention to every single detail, such as matching the background of this painting with the location of the gas tank.

Tom has started drawing since his early childhood and is a self-taught artist. He started his career as a street artist by customizing sneakers, T-shirts, and caps.

He has also created Trompe-l’oeil for public places, frescoes for children’s rooms, and many other designs and artworks for numerous restaurants, hotels, theaters, and businesses.

In 2011 he learned a special technique known as aerography, which he uses for his street art. Aerography is a surrealist method in which the stencil used for spray-painting is no longer used and is replaced by a three-dimensional object.

This technique is used for decorating tiles from the Victorian era which Tom has adapted to create his breathtaking artworks.

This talented man has 15.6K followers on Instagram and plenty of fans around the world who greatly admire his work. Keep scrolling to see more of his works and make sure to check out his Instagram account as well.