Many people enjoy stargazing. Stargazers can enjoy the appearance of Super Flower Moon and Eta Aquarid Meteor shower this week. Stargazers were able to observe the Lyrid Meteor Shower last week when plenty of shooting stars lighted up the night sky.

Also, this week the stargazers can enjoy the amazing Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower. This shower started on the 19th of April and will end on the 31st of May. It will reach its peak on the 5th of May.

It is considered that this Meteor Shower will produce about 60 meteors an hour. As the peak of the shower will happen when the meteor is close to the Full Moon, meteors may be hard to notice.

The phenomenon of the Full Moon making the Meteors hard to notice is known as the Super Flower Moon. The Super Flower Moon is the 4th and last Supermoon this year. it will happen on the 7th of May.

As the Supermoon is slightly bigger and brighter than the normal moon, it is hard to observe it at our night sky.
Next month, other stargazing events are going to take place. For instance, stargazers will be able to observe Mercury, as it reaches the greatest eastern elongation.

Also, the Strawberry Moon Eclipse is going to take place on the 5th of June, when about 57% of the Moon is going to be covered by the shadow of the Earth. If you are in Australia, Asia, or Africa, you can observe this amazing stargazing event.

Moreover, Soltice Ring of Fire, a solar eclipse, will take place on the 21st of June, and stargazers from the Middle East, Africa, some parts of China, and India can observe this event.

Enjoy stargazing.