The master chemical of the brain is dopamine. It is a single neurotransmitter and it is responsible for different physical and mental processes. If you learn how to stimulate the dopamine levels in a natural way, you will be able to overcome anxiety, depression, fear, and apathy and at the same time, you will be able to boost all feelings of pleasure that are created by this neuron.

The dopamine is a reward for specific behavior in us in order to do them again. It is the reason why some drugs are addictive. Heroin and cocaine, as well as other opiates, lead to a dopamine “super reward” and that is why they are so desirable. This happens until you have a dopamine crash which happens when the drug is no longer present in the physiology.

The opiates always bind to the opiate receptors located in the brain and they increase the release of dopamine. However, when they are no longer present the ever-increasing need for opiate appears. That is why drug addicts have negative behaviors – they need their “fix.”

By getting smaller amounts of dopamine the brain has less destructive behaviors – it includes having sex, making money, winning a video game, etc. There are different activities that can boost the dopamine levels and they will not cause an addictive backlash.

Dopamine has other functions besides boosting our happiness. It is responsible for the regulation of the muscle movement; it helps us to be more focused, helps us to make decisions, improves cognitive function, to evaluate and solve problems and regulates the prolactin secretion.

Without any doubt, dopamine is very important for our happiness and wellbeing. If we do not have high dopamine levels, it means that we can easily become depressed, sad, think negatively, be confused and have fear of different things.

We present natural remedies for increasing your dopamine levels.

1. Exercise

Exercise can increase dopamine D2 brain receptors. Moreover, it can increase serotonin, as well as other endorphins. Constant exercise is able to reduce stress, prevent depression, and also strengthen your mind and body.

2. Always make lists of the things you have accomplished

When we do something successfully and when we finish a task the brain releases a small amount of dopamine. If you want to receive more dopamine “releases,” you should break up all big tasks in smaller pieces, and cross them off your list. It is a habit that can help you to move slowly towards your dreams and to clear the mind.

3. Eat that increase the dopamine levels

Tyrosine is an essential amino acid and it is the precursor for dopamine. If you consume foods high in tyrosine, the dopamine levels will be naturally boosted. It can be found in:

• Green tea
• Eggs
• Watermelon
• Milk
• Coffee
• Bananas
• Almonds
• Yogurt
• Dark chocolate

4. Reduce the lipopolysaccharides

The endotoxin is the reason for the changes in the immune system. Lipopolysaccharides can inhibit dopamine production. If you eat foods that provide protection to your gut such as kimchi, kefir, and yogurt and if you take probiotics, the lipopolysaccharides will be lowered and the dopamine levels will be created again.

5. Detox

It is important to make a detox because toxins accumulation can prevent the production of dopamine. You can make detox in different ways, including green juicing, doing yoga cleanse and taking activated charcoal.

6. Listen to good music

It is the easiest as well as the quickest way to get dopamine release in the brain. Music is able to make your brain sing and create “peak emotional moments”.

7. Creativity

You can express yourself by crafts and arts or you can write something. Any kind of creative activity will increase dopamine levels. You can dance, cook something, or draw something. These activities will help you to increase dopamine levels.

8. Start a positive streak

This type of behavior is going to increase the dopamine levels and it will become the base of making positive and new habits. You can start by trying something new and check how many days in a row you can do that. Win a positive streak.

9. Supplement:

You can increase dopamine levels by taking supplements. You can use:

– L-theanine – it can increase different brain neurotransmitters, including dopamine. It can be found in green tea.
– Curcumin can increase the dopamine levels and it is present in turmeric.
– Ginkgo Biloba will also increase dopamine levels.
– Acetyl-l-tyrosine can increase dopamine levels as well.

10. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga and meditation will change the brain mechanisms in an effective way because they release big amounts of dopamine. There are many reasons why people who meditate can handle stress better and one of them is because they have increased levels of dopamine and GABA.

11. Avoid additions

Different addictive substances or medications can have an influence on the chemistry of the brain. The main dopamine levels will drop down and eventually you will become more addicted to the substance. Once you avoid addictions you will be able to have a stabilized dopamine base.