According to science, the massive extinction of animals and plants has been threatening our planet. However, many scientists believe that not all species are going extinct. This belief has been recently confirmed, when a rare Taiwanese clouded leopard was seen after it has been claimed extinct.

This extinct animal is believed sacred by the Paiwan people and it is found on the list of protected animals.
Torii Ryuzowa was thought to be the first person who has seen the clouded leopard in 1900. However, it has been confirmed that the leopard has been seen by other people in the countryside.

The local people are arranging a meeting in order to determine what to do next. Moreover, the members of the tribe are trying to stop the hunting of the leopard, as they think that this leopard still exists.

Kao Cheng-chi, the head of the tribe, confirmed that the local people actually saw the leopard in the countryside on Saturday, but they did not want to reveal the exact location and the time of the sighting.

It is believed this animal has not been seen for more than 2 decades as it cannot be easily caught or trapped by hunters in the wilderness.

A group of zoologists explored the region in 2013, but they did not notice any of these animals. Therefore, the Taiwanese clouded leopard was claimed to be extinct. The last time the leopard was noticed was in 1983.

In addition, the Forest District office is waiting for the sightings to be proved and to start making research about them. it will not be a surprise extinct species to come back. A case in point is the giant tortoise, considered to be extinct, was seen by rangers.