The basic needs of our children such as food, shelter, love or clothes, are not the only ones that matter. Often we forget that the emotional development of our kids is just as important as any other, so parents must pay attention to educating their kids on an emotional level.

If you think that your child has whatever they need physically, think about their emotional needs as well. These two things don’t go hand in hand as many of us think they do.

Emotionally neglected kids might not even realize that they are neglected but they feel like something is wrong. They often move on just setting the emotional pain aside.

It is a very important task for a parent to teach their children how to deal with their emotions properly. It is not a difficult thing to do but it will have a hugely beneficial effect on the child. Here are some things that you should do if you’re not doing them already:

Ask your kids to express their feelings

Always ask how they are feeling, and ask them to feel free expressing their emotions and feelings to you. If they look like they have something to say, ask them so they can tell you.

Teach them how to know what they’re feeling

Your kids need to know exactly what they’re feeling. You need to help them label their feelings so when they’re feeling angry they need to be sure that that’s what they’re feeling. Teach them how to be able to express their correct feelings.

They need to feel their individuality

Do not try to tell your kids to be who they aren’t or to feel something they aren’t feeling. Don’t tell them to do something just because you likes doing it. Let them be their persons.

You need to express your feelings too

Your kids should know how you’re feeling as well. Your emotions should be labeled too. If they know how you’re feeling it’s easier for them to recognize that same emotion when they get it.

Positive self – affirmation is a very important thing

Let your kids know that it’s ok to say good things about themselves and that it’s not just ok, but it’s very important to do it. When they’re feeling mad or stressed, they should tell themselves that everything will be alright. Motivation comes from within ourselves.

Be open about uncomfortable feelings too

Openly talk with your children about things that might feel uncomfortable. Like being sad, or embarrassed doesn’t feel good, but sometimes we must face those feelings too.

Let them express their feelings through art or something else they like to do

Kids have different methods of expressing their emotions and you need to make sure they’re free to do so, whether it be through music, art or anything else that they like doing.

Let them know about your methods of handling emotions

Talk openly with your kids about how you deal with your emotions. They need to know that they shouldn’t just let emotions take control of them. Keeping their feelings in is not a good thing to do as well. They need to know how to be able to successfully control them.

Spend more time in nature with your kids

Being in nature is very relaxing. It is also a great place to tell your children they need to spend time with the people they love and care about.

Be a good example for them

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you in front of your kids. Don’t overreact or burst out because your kids learn from your actions. Show them that you can handle your emotions and they will be able to do it too.

The rules you’ve set mustn’t be crossed

Make sure to tell your kids they need to think before they do something. Everything they do has consequences and they must accept it.

Use the things your kids love to teach them about emotions

If you’re watching a show or reading a book together use it to go through the emotions the characters are feeling. Ask them what they think about why that character is feeling the way they’re feeling.

Source: Awareness Act