One thing about all animals is universal – their cuteness. Animals also love to surprise us with everything they do especially with the unusual friendships they form. We’re going to explore this very special friendship that was formed between a puppy Chihuahua and a pigeon.

This friendship is extra special because both animals lack something very important in their lives – the puppy can’t walk and the pigeon can’t fly. So it looks like they’ve found something comforting in one another and it’s the cutest thing in the world.

The Mia Foundation from New York took in Lundy, the Chihuahua that is only two months old but has a damaged spinal cord so he cannot walk properly

A friendship between a bird and a dog is a very unlikely thing, but the story about these two little friends shows that friendship doesn’t know limits. The puppy, Lundy, was taken in by the foundation after the person breeding him noticed there was something wrong with him.

The owner of the Mia Foundation, Sue Rogers, regularly takes in injured and sick animals, and she also said that she has seen other puppies suffer from the same condition too and it was not very rare. That is the point and goal of the foundation, to take in and take care of animals that are mainly born with some deformities. Rarely though, they might take in some injured bird or a squirrel, which explains how Herman comes in the story.

Herman, the pigeon that was injured and couldn’t fly has been in the Mia Foundation for some time, gave Lundy a warm welcome

Herman has already been a resident in the foundation for a long time, and he felt like a host that needed to take good care of Lundy to feel welcomed. Sue Rogers said that they instantly began forming a bond and when they put them close to each other Herman started caring for the new puppy and they started to interact in a very adorable way immediately. So from that moment, they’ve become inseparable friends and spend a lot of time snuggling in their blanket.

They immediately formed a bond and started taking care of each other

Being only 2 months old, Lundy will need to skip the usual things that all other puppies do and he will stick to doing his favorite thing – cuddling and hanging out with Herman all the time. The foundation says they’re lucky to have Herman keep Lundy company until he grows and starts using the little chair that helps him move. Sue also has some doubts about Herman’s gender, thinking that it might be a female pigeon because of the mother instincts he has towards Lundy. But despite everything, this friendship is a truly amazing thing to have happened.

Source/photos: BoredPandaThe Mia Foundation – Love For Mia