The story of the ‘Goby Fish’ that eats plastic trash went viral all over the world.

‘Yoshi the Fish’ – a creation that attracted millions of people at Malpe beach, India

Janardhan Havanje, an artist and sculptor, created a sculpture known as ‘Yoshi the Fish’ on the Malpe Beach in India.

This fish, which eats plastic bottles, is intended to raise awareness about the environmental damage done by throwing the plastic bottles on the beachfront.

Using iron rods, Janardhan created this (10ft – 3m by 8ft – 2.44mm) fish that is filled with plastic bottles on the Malpe beach in India.

‘Goby the Fish’ – the only fish that should swallow plastic trash

In order to increase the business profits and inspired by Janardhan`s creation ‘Yoshi the Fish’, Craig Seaward, the manager of the luxurious hotel W Bali, created a similar trash can on the beachfront of his hotel known as ‘Feed Goby the Fish’ – Goby loves plastic, please feed him.

On 16th February 2019, Goby was launched on the beachfront of W Bali in order to raise awareness of the quests and stimulate reducing plastic trash in the Bali Ocean.

For many years, Craig has been working on reducing the consumption of energy, water, and waste and has been taking part in several recycling practices. Therefore, in this way, he wants to show his quests that Goby is the only fish that should swallow plastic.