Nowadays, people rarely get and receive physical touch. The importance of physical touch is underestimated and it is rapidly becoming a global issue.

Our values have been significantly changed

The more the world changes, the less we interact with other people. In the past, it was normal to stop and hug someone on the street, but, today, it is becoming unusual.

People are afraid and more cautious

People get scared when someone approaches them. Nowadays, physical touch is considered as a negative and strange thing.

Physical touch is demonized

Doctors avoid having physical touch with their patients because they are afraid that they would be called predators. The same happens with the teachers and their students.

Is physical touch really important?

Researchers have already reported that physical touch is very essential for people`s health and wellbeing. Not only is it beneficial for our physical and psychological health, but it also relives stress and anxiety.

Physical touch is also important for people`s social interaction. Physical touch connects people.

Being frightened, people rarely get and receive physical affection. Will things change or people will still suffer?