One of the most frequent cancers these days is colorectal cancer. In the USA were recorded 95.000 new colon cancer patients and 40.000 cases of rectal cancer. The bad news is that more than half of these cases had fatal consequence.

The reason is because surgery and chemotherapy and not in fact 100% efficient and this is the side effect. They can cause many side effects and they can just worsen up the situation and the condition of the patient.

It was discovered that lauric acid present in coconut oil was able to kill cancer. This discovery was made by American scientists and they also discovered that 90% of the cancer cells are actually destroyed in a period of just 2 days. It was a study that was under hermetic conditions and it was made in a Petri dish.

There is need of additional studies that can examine the ability of coconut oil to kill of cancer; however, financials deficiency makes it impossible. The pharmaceutical companies refuse to help as their wish is to sell their own products and this discovery will lower their income.

Coconut oil has many other benefits as well. It is able to improve the immune system. Lauric acid which is found in coconut oil is also present in breast milk.

Coconut oil is also tested for fighting against other health conditions including osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, viral diseases (hepatitis C, herpes), chronic illnesses as well as gallbladder infections. It was proven to be efficient.

The conclusion is that coconut oil is a very efficient alternative to all medications that are used in the treatment of many health problems and also it is a good alternative for many cosmetic products we use.

You can use coconut oil for:

– Having silky and shiny hair.
– It is great for skin blemishes.
– Perfect for removing make-up.
– Use it as a body and face moisturizer.
– You can use it for cleaning your makeup brushed.
– If you use it as lip balm it will soften and hydrate your lips.
– You can use it for treating dandruff.
– It is amazing when used as massage or body oil.
– It can be applied as a night cream.
– You can use it instead of deodorant.

Coconut oil has many uses and it is great substitute. Enjoy in its benefits.