Today, it is really hard to find a real friend. Most people are usually disloyal and there are fewer of them who are ready to tell you the truth.

1. You are lucky if you have a blunt friend

Blunt friends always tell things as they are. Even though their honesty may be offensive, they always tell the truth and want the best for you.

2. They always say what they think

Blunt friends always say what they think. They will never try to manipulate you.

3. They never lie

Blunt friends always speak honestly and they never say lies just to please you. Therefore, do not worry your blunt friend will always tell you the truth.

4. They will never backstab you

Blunt friends are always honest and frank. They will never let the cat out of the back and tell your secret to other people.

Also, your blunt friends will never betray you. They will be always beside you. Therefore, if you are looking for a real friend, your blunt friend is a perfect choice. Blunt friends always show what real friendship is.