Sheldrick Wildlife Trust`s post about a baby zebra they had rescued went viral. A conservation worker described the rescue operation in detail.

Generally, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a non-profit Kenyan conservation organization, which has worked to prevent the destruction of habitat and wildlife poaching for more than 40 years.

Recently, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust has shared a post about Diria, a baby zebra they had saved. The conservation workers take care of the baby zebra, by providing milk and ‘a protective mother’. Namely, to survive, the baby zebra needs to recognize his mother.

Therefore, the workers wear specially-made suits with zebra-stripe patterns, so that Diria can recognize them as his mother.

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust organization aims to preserve and protect wildlife in Kenya. During these uncertain times with the Covid-19 pandemic, they need people’s support more than ever to ensure that their mission continues.


Source/photos: Sheldrick Wildlife TrustFacebook – Sheldrick Wildlife Trust