Parrots are known as colorful, intelligent, and eccentric birds. Most of them have vibrant colors, such as green, red, and blue. However, the types of parrots around the world are diverse and they never stop to surprise us with their exotic and unusual looks.

The Pesquet’s parrot, also known as Dracula Parrot, is proof of how amazing nature can be.

These extraordinary parrots have black-and-gray chests, strokes of bright red feathers, and coal-black beaks. They are quite large, with a total length of 46 cm and a weight of around 700 g.

Despite their name and vulture-like appearance, Dracula parrots aren’t bloodthirsty at all. They usually feed on a few species of figs and certain types of flowers.

Male Dracula parrots have a little red spot behind their eyes, which is absent in females. Female parrots usually lay up to two eggs at a time in a nest inside a hollow tree.

Dracula parrots are very social and have been spotted in pairs or large groups of up to 20.

The most interesting fact about these stunning birds is that they move by jumping from branch to branch and they are among the three parrot species that have featherless faces, which makes them look like vultures.

They give out raspy, harsh, and growling calls which can be heard from really long distances.


These parrots reside in the rainforests of New Guinea, but, unfortunately, have become a target for local poachers due to their captivating looks. They are being hunted for their unusual feathers which are used for ceremonial clothing and their meat as well.

Along with their habitat loss, Dracula parrots are also at risk of extinction.

SourceRoaring Earth  ||  All That’s Interesting