Pleasant odors can immediately improve our mood and if you want to relax and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere it is important to have a nice smelling home with an abundant fragrance.

On the contrary, if our home has an unpleasant or strong smell we do not feel comfortable at all. For example, air fresheners will just hide the strong smell of a freshly chopped onion or garlic, but the odor will come back again when the effects are away.

That is why we have an amazing recipe that can help you to make your own inexpensive and natural air freshener. It is going to leave a long-lasting and pleasant smell in your home.

How to make it:


• 1 cup of lukewarm water
• 10 drops of essential oil
• 1 cup of white vinegar
• 1 tablespoon of baking soda
• One spray bottle


Add the fabric softener to the spray bottle, along with the water and soda. Now close, the bottle and shake well and then spray the mixture in your house.

Additionally, this recipe will make your house smell amazing and it will leave it with a nice for your clothes:


• 800 ml of apple cedar vinegar
• 150 – 200 ml of hot water
• 3.5 l plastic container
• 10 g. of baking soda
• 20 drops of some essential oil


Take a big plastic container as the mixture is going to get a large volume. Add the hot water inside along with the baking soda. They will make a chemical reaction and there will be a lot of bubbles. Once they disappear, you should transfer your mixture to an empty bottle and add the essential oil. Stir well and keep it in a dark and cool place.

You should use this softener as you would usually use other commercial ones. That is why all of these efficient alternatives are better than all the products that contain chemicals. Once you start using them, you will be satisfied and surprised by all the positive effects.

There are many alternatives for refreshing your home and others are:

– Adding essential oils to pinecones. Just drop a few drops of essential oil on a pinecone and it will refresh your home.

– Cinnamon and oranges in water – in a pot with simmering water add oranges and a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon and it will give your home an amazing scent.

– Room spray with essential oil – this will replace all fresheners with an essential oil spritz. Just add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to one cup of water and transfer it to a spray bottle. Shake it and use it on your couch, or sofa, or just spray the room.

All of these tips and DIY recipes are easy and simple. You will save money and live in a relaxing and nice smelling house.