If you have one of the Smart TV sets, enjoying the comfort in your own home isn’t worry-free anymore. Namely, there is a problem with the Samsung Smart TV privacy policy.

Most of the people ignore the privacy policies because it is usually difficult to read them, especially on a TV screen. Smart TVs have cameras, microphones, and tracking software which threatens our online privacy.

According to the Daily Beast article, the voice command feature on your Smart TV is more than a simple and harmless request to play your TV series.

In 2015, the Samsung Smart TV privacy policy revealed that if your words include sensitive or personal information they will be captured and even transmitted to a third party.

According to the intellectual property director at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the “third-party” service actually converts speech to text in order to make your Smart TV easier to operate.

Although companies collect and keep your vocal recordings in order to improve their own software, legal experts say, they can always take this information out of context and use it against you.

Therefore, Samsung Smart TV users should learn how to protect their privacy online. Disabling the voice command features could be worth if you are worried about your private conversations being tracked but this, on the other hand, will defeat the purpose of using your Smart TV.

Here are additional 13 effective ways to protect your privacy online:

  • Keep your computer always  virus-free
  • Make sure you regularly change your account passwords
  • Use secure Wi-Fi connections
  • Never give out personal information
  • If you hesitate about sharing something online, don’t share it
  • Switch your search engines
  • Lock down your hardware
  • Switch on your private browsing
  • Use unique and strong passwords
  • Ask why others require your information
  • Use software you can trust
  • Don’t  fall for scams