She has anxiety disorders, but she is still strong. She is aware of her mental disorder, but she does not surrender. She carries on with her head up and never shows her weakness and fears.

She treats her mental disorder with a lot of courage and survives every day. Even though she is weak, she tries hard to get through it and to relieve anxiety. She always has high determination to succeed.

She never gives up. She always goes for her dreams and goals. Although anxiety sometimes devastates her soul, she always gets back on her feet. She is the strongest woman since she takes a deep breath and gets through it. She knows that fear is temporary.

Even though she is anxious, she is brave and intelligent at the same time. She knows how much people love her and how important she is.

She has an aim – never to give up and to show herself every day that she is a hero. She will never let anxiety put her down because she knows how brave she is.

Source: Wake Up Your Mind