Without any doubts all nutritionists will agree that of all vegetables the most powerful one is the beet root. The beetroot is the new super power food. It is full of minerals and vitamins like iron, magnesium, copper, vitamin B2, B1,B12 and C.

It has beautiful red color which is a result of the anthocyanins it contains. These properties are strong anti-cancer fighters. Betaine is another element which is abundantly present in beetroots thus making this food ideal anti-inflammatory agent.

And this is not all. Beetroots are rich in antioxidants which are very helpful when it comes to digestion. They are rich in potassium and eliminate the risk of heart attack. Their regular consumption helps in regulating cholesterol and boosting blood flow.

Although beetroots are high in sugar they are actually low in fat and calories which makes them perfect solution for those annoying weight issues. Moreover, they act as body detoxifiers. They are the best weapon against anemia and aging.

Scientific research has shown that athletes need to include them in their daily diet in order to boost their stamina and endurance. Beetroots can be consumed raw, baked, boiled or juiced.

Their leaves are also highly nutritious because they contain potassium so when cooking beetroot do not throw away the leaves but cook them as well.