Do you want to experience medieval life? If you do, there is a castle in Ripollès, Spain, called Llaés, surrounded by beautiful nature, rivers, forests, and mountains.

It’s like a real fairytale. If you want to feel this heavenly tranquility, the price for a night is €381 ($413.25). The castle offers sixteen beds so if you can find fifteen other people to join you, then it would only cost around €23.81 ($25.83) per person.

You can book the castle for the whole year, and the owner of the Castle, Marc, offers some really good discounts if you stay for a longer time. For example, you can get a 25% discount if you rent the castle for a week, and if you decide to stay for a month you will get a 50% discount. That’s good if you want an authentic 10th-century experience.

The castle is located in the Catalonian comarca (county) Ripollès, amidst the picturesque Pyrenees Mountains and close the high peak Pugimal, which towers at 2,913 meters. Ripollès is a very culturally rich place, and you can find other Romanesque churches and castles all over it. All these buildings can be dated back to the 10th and 12th century and they’re connected to the Count of Barcelona, Wilfred the Hairy. He built many castles and churches to raise the population in Catalonia in the 9th century.

The Llaés castle stands there from the 10th century and it still has its original spirit.

If you decide to visit the Llaés castle and you want to learn more about the history of all the exceptional buildings, you should go to the capital city of the comarca, Santa Maria and visit the majestic monasteries there.

Ripollès is not only known for its beautiful nature and architecture. This region also has a very deep industrial history too which has helped in the industrial development in the whole Catalonia region. Coal and iron have been mined here for a very long time, also some other crafts that were done successfully were metalwork and papermaking among the others.


Source/photos: Airbnb , Castell de Llaes,  BoredPanda