Most friendships change over the years since life pushes people to different sides. Due to the new living environments and plenty of responsibilities regarding work and family, most of us forget our childhood friends.

Here is a story about four couples who managed to maintain their friendship, so they even built their small town to grow old together.

They have been friends for more than 20 years. Since they weren’t able to see each other so often, they used their environmental-friendly ideas and all their money to build a small town near the Llano River, in Texas.

The cabins they built cost around $40,000 each. They have reflective walls, slanted roofs, water barrels, and insulated windows. They are cost-effective and highly efficient.

This private community also has a large kitchen and a space provided for gatherings and socializing with their neighbor friends. There are also two dishwashers and nice furniture.

The couples have chosen this quiet place to reconnect with nature, ride their bikes, and recharge themselves.

However, they haven’t moved there yet. They visit this place during weekends or holidays to escape the city noise. Soon enough they plan to move here permanently and grow old together.

Source: BoredPanda