The body has its own “language” with which it tells us whether there are any changes in our physical, mental, and emotional health. These signals sent by our body are not to be ignored since they can reveal a lot about our general health.

What follows are some things, i.e., signals that our body shows through different organs in order to reflect our state of health:

1. Lips

When our lips are dry and cracked, that means that our body might be facing some allergic reaction or, in most cases, dehydration. This is the case if we experience this issue on a regular basis. However, a very common reason for this may also be certain lip cosmetics or dental hygiene products, as well as medications or various types of food.

2. Feet

Swollen feet are not an uncommon sight. Actually, it is usual for pregnant women and for people who spend long hours standing. But if this is not the case for having swollen feet, then it might indicate heart problems or, more precisely, fluid retention due to irregular pumping. In such cases, it is best to consult your doctor. Another common issue is stinky feet. This condition is usually mild and indicates a fungal infection.

3. Tongue

Our tongue color is usually pink, but if it is dry and pale, then it indicates iron deficiency.

4. Body odor

When our body sweats and its smell is similar to acetone, then it indicates diabetes and abnormal levels of blood sugar, or if it smells like ammonia, it is a signal of kidney or liver malfunction.

5. Fingers

If the length of women’s ring fingers is longer than their index finger, it means that there is a bigger possibility of developing osteoarthritis.

6. Eyebrows

If our eyebrows start thinning out at the outer section, this is a sign of thyroid disease.

7. Hair growth

Abnormal or excessive hair growth, even in places where it typically does not grow, is an indicator of hormonal imbalance, a condition that around 8 to 20% of women have.

8. Breasts

Women with larger breasts are prone to developing type 2 diabetes due to the hormonally sensitive fat in the breasts.

9. Eyes

Minor swelling under the eyes and puffiness is usually a result of stress or lack of sleep. However, hormonal changes, allergies, and food sensitivity may also contribute to such a condition.

10. Teeth

If our teeth become uneven over time, it may be a result of grinding our teeth in our sleep which is associated with stress.

11. Skin

When our skin is dry, even though we use moisturizers or drink sufficient amounts of water, it means that our body needs potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A. Also, if dark skin patches appear, we need to contact a dermatologist since these patches may be a signal of pre-diabetes or a reaction to medicine. Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, but if wrinkles appear earlier, then it is a sign of osteoporosis.

12. Nails

Having side-to-side lines on the nails signals stress, whereas white spots may indicate kidney problems.