This traveling home is perfect for gardening and relaxation and it looks amazing. This model is called ‘The Elsa’ and it’s made by Olive Nest Tiny Homes.

The house goes together with a small trailer that is hooked to the bigger one and it has a nice greenhouse and a porch too. If you decide to go traveling with it, you might need two vehicles for the trip but nobody expects too much convenience in a tiny traveling home.

The greenhouse part is optional, but even without it, the Elsa is an amazingly crafted and planned little home.

The wide entrance leads you into a lounge that has a full-sized sofa that can be used as a pullout bed too, and a chair.

There is a little kitchen too that includes a full-sized fridge and a narrow bar table that surprisingly offers enough room for four people.

Steps with storage space underneath them lead to a roomy loft bedroom with amazing roof windows on both sides.

Under the loft level bedroom, there is even more space for storage.