Our mothers are a part of us and when we lose them it feels as if a great piece of our lives is missing. If you’ve lost your mother, then you know how painful that is, and even though the pain lessens in time, you never stop missing her.

Mothers are one of the most resistant and powerful people on earth.

They love us and take care of us no matter what. They will always be on our side regardless of the difficulty of the situation, even if we made some mistakes or we messed up.

The mother’s love for the child cannot be compared to anything in this world, and it still lingers even after one of them has passed away. When we enter the world, the first person we see and bond with is our mother. In our early lives, we spend most of the time with her, and even in our development inside her, we start connecting with her. Our mother is our biggest fan, friend, protector and the person that will never leave your side, no matter what.

Your mother’s life turned upside down when you came into this world.

Before your birth, your mother never even thought of how intense can mother’s love for her child is. And when your mother passes away, you will feel a great emptiness inside your soul. The bigger the part your mother had in your life, the bigger the pain you will feel when she’s gone.

Your life won’t feel the same when she’s gone.

The pain that you feel when your mother passes away is indescribable, and it seems like everything in the world is falling apart. There aren’t words that can be said about the feeling you have when you lose your mother. And you can’t be prepared for a thing like that. Your dear mother has been by your side from the moment you first opened your eyes and started crying and that’s why her absence will leave a great hole of emptiness in your soul. With time, that emptiness will disappear, but things will never be the same as when she was still around.

At moments you could find yourself just contemplating how life will go on without her.

You will be caught up in an emotional overflow that you won’t be able to control, and a big part of yourself will perish as well.
You might need a long break from everything until things get back to normal. As normal as possible.

When you lose your mother, it is understandable that time won’t heal that pain, but you need to be stronger than your emotions and try to be happy because it is certain that your mother wouldn’t want you to feel down and abandon happiness forever. Her heart would be full if she could know that you’ve moved on and you are happy once again.

Source: IHeartIntelligence