Life is beautiful and the world is very exciting. If you don’t think that’s the case, then you’re probably surrounded by too much negative energy.

But the truth is we can’t be perfect. Sometimes we do things that hurt the ones that we love the most, we do things that we might regret later, we get negative feelings, and we can be hard-headed, sad, and irritable, but we can all agree that we don’t need toxic people in our lives.

Toxic people are usually very smart but they don’t understand anything about emotional intelligence, and most of the time, they hang out around people that are generous, kind, good-hearted, and possess other positive traits.

It is difficult to stay away from a family member, friend, or colleague that’s cruel or fake, but it’s much harder to deal with them daily.

Our home is the place where we feel the most comfortable and safe and the place where we feel loved but when the people that are very close to us start to make us feel negative about life, then things get complicated.

There are some things you shouldn’t tolerate. Things such as controlling your life, or blaming you for all the things that happen, criticizing you, and not letting you go after your dreams. You shouldn’t endure all that negativity. Don’t allow them to destroy all your dreams and hopes. If they act disrespectful, they don’t deserve to be respected as well.

Sometimes you might not want to accept the fact that someone so close to you can be that toxic, so you find new ways to deal with all that’s happening. But in most cases, it’s better just to cut ties with the person that doesn’t make you feel like they’re worthy of your attention and respect.

Unfortunately, though, try as you might you can’t avoid negativity completely. You meet toxic persons daily – in the workplace, in the family circle, in the places that you hang out with your friends. The thing that you should know about toxic people is that they can’t and won’t change.

So oftentimes it’s better to focus on yourself and don’t waste your energy on toxic people around you. Try to be happy because you’re the only person that can decide what you’re going to do with your life. Other people are often wrong, but your heart is always right.

You deserve to be treated well, to be respected, loved, and to live in peace. If someone wants to disrupt that love and peace in your life, just don’t let them get close to you and walk away from them.

Source: ThePowerOfSilence