There’s a group on Facebook that in 2013 one UPS driver created to share his meetings with some cute furry friends on his daily travels.

The group has instantly become very popular and if you check the posts you wouldn’t wonder why. This group is called UPS dogs but many drivers joined the group and they meet and share so much more than dogs. There are photos of adorable animals like alpacas, cats, geese, chickens, and sheep too.


A cute puppy and a deer in Washington.

Some of the drivers stated that they form a bond with the animals they meet regularly like some dogs or cats and the appeal people have for the page is really positive because people do not need to express their opinions about stuff, it’s just pictures of cute animal encounters.

This cute puppy is blind but that doesn’t stop him from following the sound of the truck. He always gets a treat from the drivers.

One of the members of the group said that the group also shows their connection to the community and the effect it has on other people and animals. It also shows how cool UPS drivers can be.

When this dog appeared in front of the truck the driver knew he had a helper.

People send the gift for the dogs the UPS drivers meet.

This puppy is trying to look tough.

Eight adorable corgis want attention and treats.


Bells up Winery in Newberg, Oregon attracts many unwanted visitors and Cupcake is the new keeper of the order.

Cute deer from Prospect, Kentucky

This cute dog is called Champ and he is a distemper survivor from Virginia.

This cute sheep is called Elsa and she is from West Central Minnesota. She also enjoys eating dog treats.

Is it a puppy or a raccoon? Louisville, Kentucky.

Curious little doggo in Paducah, Kentucky.


Cats love boxes. Portland, Tennessee

Meeting with this puppy for the first time.

Goats love snuggling too. Louisville, Kentucky.

This goat loves to learn to play Tennis. Chesaw, Washington

Being a UPS driver is not an easy job but moments like this make it a lot more enjoyable.


These two Dalmatians are some of the prettiest dogs this UPS driver has met. Woodinville, Washington

This deer from Lake City, Florida

He works in an office in Bozeman, Montana

A cutie from Otis, Oregon

He is Loki and he looks really cool.

This English Mastiff from Bowling Green, Kentucky weighs around 200 pounds.

His eyes are so blue.

This puppy family from Wales was happy to meet the UPS driver.