If there is a fruit that deserves to be number one on the list of fruits that provide inevitably positive results upon the human health, then that is undoubtedly the lemon. Lemons possess countless health benefits. They have unique scent and flavor and are therefore, always added in many recipes.

When juiced, lemons can lose many of their nutrients and medicinal properties. Therefore, it is best to freeze lemons in order to witness their benefits to the maximum. The freezing procedure is very simple. First, wash the lemon using apple cider vinegar in order to disinfect it.

Then, leave them to dry out and freeze them until the next morning. You can consume the lemon the next day by grating the whole fruit together with its peel, seeds and pulp. The lemon peel strengthens the immune system by regulating cholesterol, treating infections and even preventing cancer.

Being extremely high in vitamin C, lemons are always recommended as detoxification fruit which effectively eliminates body toxins especially from the kidneys and the liver. Studies have also shown that lemon is a must when it comes to fighting inflammation and getting rid of the harmful bacteria.

Moreover, these studies have also confirmed that lemons have useful effects in the case of cancer (especially lung, breast and colon cancer). More precisely, scientists have concluded that lemons affect the malignant cancer cells and unlike chemotherapy they target only the cancerous cells not the healthy ones.

All things considered, lemons must be included in your daily diet through juices, smoothies, tea, baked goods, soups and desserts. Many experts and nutritionists strongly recommend regular intake of lemons in order to prevent diseases and keep your health stabile at all times.